Bakery opportunities with alternative carbs

DuPont Nutrition and Health has launched a new healthy alternative to traditional wheat bread, inspired by Nordic thin breads.

Rich in healthy carbs, Nordic Light Thins is part of a DuPont series of alternative carbs concepts, designed to encourage consumers back to supermarket bread shelves.

Bread sales forecasts from UK-based market research firm Mintel point to low growth rates up to 2020, particularly in Western Europe. With 70% of consumers today making a conscious effort to follow a healthy diet, many consumers see bread as being too high in calories, sugar and carbohydrates.

The thin bread concept contains 50% oats, buckwheat and barley in the flour – grains that are recognised for their high content of fibre and other important nutrients.

DuPont says its blend of enzymes and vegetable based emulsifiers PowerBake Thins keeps the thin breads soft and fresh for up to 14 days in ambient storage.

“Thin bread has long been a firm favourite in Sweden and Finland, where consumers treat it as a sandwich bread,” says Jan Charles Hansen, principal bakery application specialist at DuPont.

“Nordic Light Thins is made with half the refined wheat flour of standard wheat bread. Among the fibre and nutrients, the concept contains beta-glucan, which helps to reduce high levels of blood cholesterol.”


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