Business as usual

Day two at FiE was busier than the first day, as it normally would be. Thankfully the necessary increased security measures were carried out efficiently and did not cause significant delays to those entering the exhibition centre. The exhibitors I spoke to seemed pleased with attendance levels and there were certain stands that reported a particularly high number of visitors.

As always, there are many interesting product developments to be found at the show. A significant number of natural colouring and flavouring producers are offering manufacturers the choices that consumers are now demanding, including GNT, Lycored and Sensient, as well as many other large and small suppliers. Various methods of preserving fruit and vegetables for use as inclusions, decorations and snacks are also in evidence, with a particular focus on conserving the nutrients in them where possible. Many ingredients manufacturers are also recognising that product development is a key area and are keen to help confectioners, bakery and snack producers with the entire process from formulation to branding in some cases.

There will be a more detailed review of the show in the December/January issue of CP, so if you would like your comments included, please send them to me by email with your post show press releases by the end of Monday 7 December.

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