Rousselot supports customer innovation

As part of its global commitment to supporting customer innovation around the world, Rousselot recently hosted three innovation days in Europe, South East Asia and China.

The company invited customers and agents from a variety of countries and sectors to sessions in Ghent (Belgium), Manila (the Philippines) and Wenzhou (China). Here, they were given unique access to Rousselot’s technical experts and resources and gained in depth market insights to help guide their new product development.

The Ghent innovation event focused on the key functionalities of gelatin covering topics such as “Gelatin – much more than a texturizer” with specific presentations on the foaming, emulsifying and film forming functionalities of gelatin, and showcased the resources available at Rousselot’s Global Expertise Centre.

In Manila, attendees had the chance to hear from both Rousselot and Peptan experts and also benefited from a presentation by Jimmy Cu, the president of the Philippine Confectioners, Biscuit and Snack Food Association. Guests at the Wenzhou day were able to visit Rousselot’s application laboratories and gelatin manufacturing plant where they were treated to samples containing gelatin and collagen peptides. As a result, customers were able to see, taste, experience and understand the proven benefits of these ingredients first hand.

Commenting on the innovation days, Paul Stevens, Rousselot global research and application director says: “The innovation days have been a huge success for both Rousselot and our customers alike. They provide an important opportunity to share our knowledge and showcase how we can help our customers in their quest for continuous innovation and new product development.

“By working in close collaboration with Rousselot, customers truly benefit from dedicated technical expertise. As well as this, it also offers the chance to combine ideas and create synergies resulting in a much shorter route to market for both our customers and Rousselot. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.”

Marc Wong, regional director Southeast Asia, India, Australia says: “Our APAC customers really valued the Rousselot innovation days and the insights.”

Jimmy Cu, president of Philippines Confectionery, Biscuit and Snack Association (PCBSA) also comments: ”The sessions demonstrated how Rousselot can and wants to work closely with companies in the PCBSA and enable us to create world class, pioneering products. We believe this approach will help us achieve more with Rousselot and ensure we remain at the forefront of innovation.”

Deng Tim, sugar section manager at Nestle R&D center DongGuan adds: “Seeing, tasting and touching products containing Rousselot ingredients gave us a unique understanding of what we can achieve with our new products and also how we can be supported in our innovation goals.”

Raymond Yao, sales director, China for Rousselot states: “Our Chinese customers were truly inspired by our innovation day in Wenzhou and the visit to our application laboratory and manufacturing plant. By working closely with our customers, we and they know we can achieve far more together.”

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