Puratos acquisition

Puratos has recently acquired BFL (Bakery Future Lines), an Italian family-owned company based in La Spezia (Liguria), active in B2B production of ingredients for bakers and specialising in innovating natural yeast and sourdough products.

Puratos plans to expand BFL facilities and its workforce in order to double current production output and satisfy growing consumer demand for healthy bakery products that use ingredients such as sourdough.

“Recent consumer surveys have shown a clear interest in more natural bakery goods, with sourdough being particularly popular,” says Daniel Malcorps, chief executive officer of Puratos. “With BFL’s long-standing reputation as one of the primary providers of natural yeast products and mixes, Puratos intends to further satiate consumer appetite for natural products. BFL’s specialty sweet bread products such as panettone, colomba and pandoro, head the list of what we believe will be in high demand.”

“In the last 20 years, sourdough and natural yeast products have become popular again, mainly due to changes in perceptions relating to diet and increased levels of health consciousness,” says Stefan Cappelle, business unit director bakery flavours and yeast of Puratos. “Puratos’ strong commitment to growth together with BFL’s specialised baked goods knowledge and its planned expansion will enable us to continue to revolutionise and innovate natural yeast and sourdough products and match the demands of both customers and consumers.”

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