Focus: Nestlé-backed Terrafertil releases its key Nature’s Heart immune system boosting snacks

Developing plant-based snacks with wellbeing properties is at the heart of many company’s agendas, with Nestle being no exception to this – with its linked business, Terrafertil, releasing an extended range its Nature’s Heart brand, which is among the major releases within the segment for 2021, as the company explains.

Nature’s Heart, a brand dedicated to exploring and championing nature’s finest ingredients, has unveiled its new Immune system snacking range. The three variants blend immune supporting benefits with delicious flavour combinations for the ultimate, tasty snack. Immune System is the fourth range from Nature’s Heart, joining: Dried Fruits, Chocolate Covered Fruits & Superfood Ingredients.

Each variant contains an exciting combination of different fruits, nuts and seeds which offers a natural source of key vitamins and minerals like iron, vitamin A and selenium that can contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

What’s more, thanks to a unique partnership with FareShare UK, every purchase of the Immune System range will help to provide for people in need across the country.

The GramforGram initiative matches the weight of every pack sold from the range with a donation of nutritious food to FareShare based upon what is most needed at the time; from store cupboard essentials to fresh fruit and vegetables, which will go directly to those in need. With the aim to give the equivalent weight of half a million meals to charities and community groups in the UK by the end of 2021, Nature’s Heart’s ambition is to make tasty, nutritious food available to everyone while helping local communities along the way.

The range has also been launched with new packaging which has been designed to connect and honour the brand’s South American heritage, where it was first established in 2005 by three brothers from Ecuador.

With its bright fresh colours, ethnic patterns and iconic curves, the new pack design celebrates the richness of its origins. From the impressive Andean mountains to the exuberant flora and fauna, the richness of their traditions and the lively spirit of their communities, Nature’s Heart wants to share the extraordinary stories of their products and the people that are behind them.

Nature’s Heart has committed to £1 million marketing spend for 2021 as the brand looks to expand its distribution significantly in the UK. The brand is aiming to increase its presence in retail with its strong product offer, their commitment on recyclability and partnership with FareShare appealing to consumers wanting to make healthy food choices whilst having a positive impact.

Tom Benton, General Manager at Nature’s Heart, comments: “2021 is set to be a very exciting year for us, with the launch of our new Immune System Range and with it, our GramforGram initiative with FareShare UK highlighting what we stand for. Working with Nestle we are hoping to be able to introduce more people to our products, bringing some South American sunshine to British consumers.”

The three products in the Immune System range include- cashew, goji and chocolate goldenberry – a South American superfood is coated in vegan dark chocolate with goji berries and cashew nuts for a tasty, nutritious snack providing iron, zinc, and selenium to help support your immune system. This is a source of Iron, Zinc and Selenium contributes to the normal function of the immune system.

Secondly, its mango, cashew and chocolate banana flavour, combines cashew and brazil nuts with slices of dried mango and chocolate coated bananas made using top quality vegan cacao. Contains iron and selenium for an immune supporting, energy providing snack. This is a source of Iron and Selenium contributes to the normal function of immune systems. Finally, the series is completed by a blueberry, goji and almond variety.

Lindsay Boswell, CEO at Fareshare, said “We’re really excited about our partnership with Nature’s Heart on their GramforGram initiative. It is fantastic that the brand is making such a commitment to supporting communities in the UK at a time when many more people will be facing real hardship as a result of the coronavirus crisis. Most of what we redistribute is fresh, good quality, surplus, but Nature’s Heart will help us to purchase additional supplies of the foods our charities need – so we can offer people an even greater range of nutritious food.”


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