NCA research finds families still set to celebrate Halloween amid the pandemic

With the Halloween season upon us, there is no doubt that people have questions about what to expect. Whether this year means more time at home or just more time celebrating the season throughout the month of October, Halloween Central has you covered with inspiration for a creative and safe Halloween, explains the US-based National Confectioners Association (NCA).

People will choose to celebrate Halloween differently across the country, but one thing is for sure – Halloween is happening. According to a poll conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of the National Confectioners Association, 63% of people say they will find creative and safe ways to celebrate the Halloween season this year.

While Halloween is celebrated in many locations around the world, it remains particularly significant within the US, and according to sales from last year, it forms part of overall retail spending put at $8.8 billion across the country, according to the National Retail Federation – which underlines its importance amid an economy that has been hit by the pandemic.

Consequently, NCA worked with nutrition professionals and leaders in the public health community, seeking their advice and counsel on how to best support beloved Halloween traditions for both children and adults, resulting in the resources available at its web resource, Halloween Central. Recently, a bipartisan group of 30 members of Congress requested that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provide guidance on how communities can safely celebrate Halloween this year, citing many of the concepts outlined on Halloween Central.

“With Halloween Central, we are inspiring parents to get creative as they balance the fun and enjoyment of the Halloween season with the uncertainty that many are experiencing nationwide,” John Downs, president & CEO of NCA, said. “I look forward to seeing the fun, creative, and most importantly safe ways families and their friends develop new traditions to celebrate the Halloween season this year – and we hope that chocolate and candy will continue to play a part.”

Americans are looking forward to the Halloween season to add some normalcy and joy to what has been a very serious and uncertain time. In a survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of NCA, 74% of millennial moms and young parents say that Halloween is more important than ever this year. Visit for more information

The NCA is also working with Dr Stephen Ostroff, who has formerly served as  FDA deputy commissioner and chief scientist, and as the deputy director of the National Centre for Infectious Diseases at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The full advice is listed at the NCA’s website, but includes how to consider being creative with face masks, and keeping celebrations outside if possible with physical distancing, as well as trick-or-treating with a select few households who know in advance that you are coming, as well as ensuring treats are packaged rather than loose.

Ferrero campaign

As municipalities, communities, and families start to consider how Halloween can be observed safely this year, Ferrero is launching a month-long campaign that share imaginative ways to bring the fun and the tradition of the season to life, helping to keep the spirit of Halloween alive.

Because Halloween isn’t Halloween without the treats, every day in October the “31 Day of Halloween” programme will inspire consumers to celebrate with creative ways to make the most of the season with Halloween favourites and go-to’s like Nutella, Kinder Joy, Kinder Bueno, Tic Tac, Butterfinger, CRUNCH, Baby Ruth and Fannie May.

Throughout the month of October, Ferrero will share fun and unexpected Halloween ideas, including recipes, DIY projects and other surprises on Pinterest and through influencer partners, including pins for each brand will make it easy for fans to order exactly what they need.

In addition to the ongoing stream of fun content, Ferrero wants to ensure all children can safely celebrate Halloween this year. Ferrero is again partnering with The Birthday Party Project, an organisation that brings joy to children experiencing homelessness through the magic of birthdays in communities across the United States. This month, Ferrero will donate Halloween treats to The Birthday Party Project to make their celebrations even more special.


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