Bühler’s Jetmix system makes headway within bakery markets

Bühler’s Jetmix system for bakery operations was launched recently to a positive reception from industry. The company offers a case study giving feedback on its implementation

As Swiss-based equipment business Bühler explains, industrial-scale bakeries are increasingly relying on sponge and sour dough.

In response, the company has developed its JetMix system, which has been designed to produced homogeneous sponge dough and a high level of hygiene. According to the firm, a key area for the equipment’s development had been in devising micro-dosing technology that has enabled flour to be dosed with a particularly high level of accuracy.

Another important factor was devising optimal temperature control for the system, which features fully automatic mixing, feeding, maturing and cleaning processes that are easily monitored.

Last summer, Confectionery Production was given an early viewing of the system at the company’s headquarters in Uzwil (pictured below), where the company’s bakery innovation centre has offered businesses from around the world to test out a raft of new recipes.

As the company explained, the Jetmix system had claimed advantages such as uniform hydration of each particle, increased oxygen content, increased activation of fermentation, which believes have been achieved by those who have taken up the system.

Higher quality and increased efficiency
When the company first met with JOWA AG bakery in Gränichen, Central Switzerland, we explained the features and benefits of the JetMix. We described the increased overall process efficiency, the reduced mixing and kneading time, translating into energy savings and less heat formation. Furthermore, the business explained why in processing sponge dough (wheat bread), the hydration yield can be increased without affecting dough processing in the production line.

Convincing solution for a real case
The JOWA facility in Gränichen, which is currently one of the most modern industrial bakeries in Europe, approached us with very specific requirements, which they learnt from a customer survey.

As the company explained, there is strong market demand for high quality bread that is warm when consumers buy it, has a good taste, stays fresh and has a crusty texture.  What seemed to be an artisanal request in fact needed to be an industrial solution, with the solution being developed for a full commercial launch for the Swiss market.

In order to fulfil the requirements, JOWA had to look for a new technical solution and remembered our presentation.  The extensive pre-trials were to their full satisfaction and helped the technologists developing a bread that has a distinct aroma and stays fresh much longer as compared to conventional bread.

It is made with just a few, purely natural ingredients – flour, water, yeast, and salt are the main ingredients. Allergens, such as nuts, eggs and milk, are not used. In addition, the “new generation” bread is baked on Italian granite using sustainable energy. As the company explained, the JetMix solution was key in this development. It has not only helped to increase product quality but to develop the new generation of bread.

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