Wishing you all a fine festive time this Christmas

As we rapidly approach Christmas, Confectionery Production would like to wish you all a fine festive time in spite of the pandemic that has impacted on all areas of our lives this year.

While thankfully there are a few notable examples of nations have successfully combated the most unwelcome virus that has swept the globe, it still remains a major factor for many regions of the globe, and consequently we’re in for a further challenging period in the coming months ahead.

Thankfully, the hope of several key vaccines that have just started to come on stream this month will hopefully prove the decisive difference in life returning to some kind of normality as we move further into 2021.

It’s been a particular shame that we have been unable to connect with our many friends and sector contacts this year at major events including Interpack, Gulfood and indeed our own show that had originally been scheduled for this September in Brussels, Belgium.

Thankfully, in the case of our own industry celebration, we’ll be back in full swing for our debut event on 1, October of 2021, and we sincerely hope that the world will have found some sense of balance by that point that will enable us to hold a much-needed celebration of the many achievements within our industry.

On a personal level, I’ve particularly enjoyed engaging with businesses throughout the year, initially for the 50th anniversary of ISM in Cologne, as well as our series of video interviews courtesy of zoom (which has gone through the roof as we all spend an increased amount of time at home). So please do check out some of these sessions, including our latest with Made In Africa, which is on a commendable mission to enable chocolate production in Madagascar.

For now, here’s hoping that the festive season ahead offers the chance for you all to recharge your batteries at the very least, even if family celebrations have been curtailed in many instances, but we remain hopeful that next year will herald a far brighter period for us all in which the chance to meet again will once more be possible as we adapt to life beyond the hoped-for end to the present pandemic.

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