Halloween is still happening, says US confectionery sector

One of the key issues to emerge over the past week has been that of plans for celebrating Halloween, particularly in the US, which remains one of the most significant dates in the confectionery calendar.

But with the coronavirus still a considerable factor around the world, including in the US, which has traditionally led on the key seasonal celebration, debate has continued over whether the pandemic will permit traditional family events from taking place this year.

Consequently, the American-based National Confectioners Association has proved a powerful lobbying influence for responsible enjoyment of Halloween – with confectionery part of a major multi-billion retail occasion for the season in the US in particular. In its view, Halloween is definitely happening, and has put forward advice from medical experts on keeping families safe in holding celebrations that may be a little different than everyone has experienced before.

Having such industry representation at such a critical moment is of key importance for the market – and there are in fact few nations that operate such a significant voice for the sector, which like all industries at present, really does need all the help it can get as recession looms large in the mirror for many countries around the world due to the impact of coronavirus.

As far as the US is concerned, major confectionery businesses including Ferrero, Mars and Hershey are all getting behind the message of safe enjoyment of Halloween, supported by a number of product launches. So,  you can’t help thinking that providing strict hygiene measures are followed, permitting celebrations in small scaled-back family groups at home (rather than children calling on larger neighbourhood areas) may well be the most sensible approach to lending a little spooky seasonal cheer amid what is proving an unexpectedly challenging year to say the least.


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