Facing up to challenging times amid the rise of coronavirus

If you turn on the TV, radio, or scan your computer screen or smartphone, there seems to literally, and all too understandably, be just one news story in town at present – the continuing rise of coronavirus around the world.

While we are all trying to do our best to keep calm and carry on under these most testing of extreme circumstances, there’s little getting away from the fact that this once in a century pandemic is having a significant impact on all our lives.

The confectionery sector, like all other spheres of business and life has been equally affected, with retail businesses being temporarily shut down across the country, as they have been in a number of countries across Europe and further afield around the world. Those in the wider food manufacturing sector (of the kind pictured), along with other essential public services, will continue to play their part admirably in keeping our nation going, there’s no doubt it’s going to be tough for a while.

Following news that Interpack has been postponed until next year, it was perhaps no surprise to discover today that the US-based Sweets and Snacks Expo became the latest candidate to suffer a cancellation for 2020’s event due to be staged in May, amid a rapidly rising number of cases within the region, and around the world.

Quite what the long-term economic impact of the present situation will be is hard to fully project, but the situation was underlined as the British chancellor unveiled a package of £350 billion in support for UK businesses that have been forced to close for the immediate future, mirrored across the Atlantic, with proposals for what could amount to $1 trillion to be ploughed into backing companies in the US cope with this hugely disruptive scenario.

While none of us has a crystal ball as to how the next few weeks and months will unravel, we are hoping for the best that the measures put in place for self distancing will have a positive impact, and pave the way for some sort of normality to return. One thing is certain, keeping as busy and active within the confines of our new personal restrictions will be of vital importance for us all, so please do keep in touch with any of your news and views on just how these times are affecting you all. Here’s hoping that you all stay safe out there.

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