An Easter full of surprises

On my travels over Easter, I was particularly impressed by the sheer range of confectionery that appeared on retailers shelves over the weekend.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, while these may well be comparatively uncertain financial times across global markets, this does not appear to have dented enthusiasm from manufacturers to deliver a host of new and thought-provoking products.

Some of my personal favourite items I encountered while out on reporting duties included supermarket chain Aldi’s Moser Roth series of Easter eggs – which included a surprisingly elaborate geometric designs and detailed animal print images that raised the bar of what you might typical expect from seasonal confectionery.

Meanwhile, established brands such as Germany’s Toffifee sought to keep its designs very much along traditional lines with some cheerful bunny designs that helped the range stand out from the crowd.

There were plenty of classic egg out there for families to feast including some classic egg designs from Mars (with an additional Mars bar treat inside), as well as innovation from Nestle, which reported making an impressive 13.5 million Easter eggs across its range including KitKat, Smarties, Aero and Rolo, which amounted to 1,400 tonnes of chocolate being used in the process.

Though manufacturers and retailers appeared in buoyant mood ahead of Easter, what about all those products that remain unsold on the shelves? It’s an issue that those operating in a seasonal market face in many fields of industry – the answer in most cases appears to be a swift sale.

So it was perhaps no surprise to see that Thorntons was among those announcing a 75% sale of its extensive Easter range, meaning there were plenty of bargains to be had for anyone who still had the appetite for it.

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