A packed event schedule lies ahead

With one set of major trade shows in the form of ISM and ProSweets already done for the start of the year, we are now looking to the next key event in Cologne, Anuga FoodTec.

The wider food industry will be returning to Germany for this much-anticipated fair, which promises to pick up on many of the central themes of last month’s key events in examining greater machine efficiency and potential reformulation of products in light of government drives to improve public health.

Confectionery Production is also looking forward to other prominent events on the calendar including the Chocoa Trade Fair and Conference in the Netherlands later this month, as well as the World Cocoa Conference taking place in Berlin.

The latter promises to be especially intriguing, examining some of the latest policy thinking in terms of how to ensure truly sustainable sources of cocoa – which is at the heart of the industry. Its significance is reflected in the calibre of speakers, which include representatives from the likes of Mars, Barry Callebaut, Ritter Sport, as well as the International Institute of Cacao Tasting.

So there are indeed plenty of reasons to pause for thought, as the industry moves forward to consider its global ethical production responsibilities.

It’s heartening to see there now appears to be genuine progress being made on this front, which has been underlined by recent international agreements that have targeted improving conditions for workers in some of the key cocoa growing locations.

As production completes on Valentine’s day for the first edition of the magazine I’ve been involved with for Confectionery Production, it’s perhaps fitting there now appear to be genuine signs of increasing awareness and appreciation of conditions for many of those working around the world serving the cocoa industry. Here’s hoping you enjoy our upcoming March edition of our title.

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