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Product presentation is key, particularly at Christmas when confectionery manufacturers are fighting for space on retailers’ already busy shelves.

One product that stands out this time of year is chocolate Santa Clauses. Each year, Constantia Flexibles manufactures packaging for more than 50% of the 150 million chocolate Santa Clauses produced in Germany, according to the company. And now, with its Tepro2 method, the hollow figures can be unwrapped in one go, without tearing.

For this purpose, a lacquer has been developed which is applied on the outside or inside of the film. This functions like a rubber band preventing the foil from breaking down small pieces when it is removed.

The aluminium foil used to wrap the figures also prevents the migration of printing ink components and other substances from the outside and offers complete protection from the light.

“Aluminium foil does not interact with the chocolate at all,” explains Stefan Grote, executive vice president of group technology and food in Europe at Constantia Flexibles. “Thanks to the manufacturing process, the surface is free of contaminants and does not support the growth of any microorganisms. The low restoring force of the aluminium foil allows the foil to be wrapped tightly around the chocolate product during packaging.”

The Tepro2 wrapping foil, Constantia says, also helps avoid edged facial traits or very pointy feet when the Santa Clauses are wrapped up. It is a combination of aluminium with thin OPP (oriented polypropylene) foil, it adds. The foil is said to display good tear strength while staying easy to wrap. In addition, they can be unwrapped in one piece without breaking the chocolate – important when they’re being given as a gift, for example.

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