Does size really matter?

Yet again sugar is hitting the headlines. Over the last week, we’ve reported on a series of announcements from pledges to offer smaller packages and clear calorie labelling to calls for the UK soft drinks levy to be extended to confectionery.

The first is a commitment by confectionery giants including Mars Chocolate, Wrigley, Nestlé USA, Ferrero and Lindt for half of their individually wrapped products to be available in sizes that contain 200 calories or less per pack by 2022. In addition, 90% of their best selling products will have calorie information printed on the front of the pack.

Over in the UK, Action on Sugar is urging the next government to implement a mandatory sugar levy on all confectionery products that contain high levels of sugar to help tackle the obesity and type 2 diabetes crisis. This, the sugar organisation says, should include products sold in coffee shops and restaurants, as these often contain the highest amount of sugar and overall calories.

This call came after a study revealed that two thirds of UK consumers believe the new soft drink sugar tax also applies to sweets/sugared confectionery. Nielson revealed that 59% of respondents believed the tax also applied to chocolate and similar numbers for biscuits (57%) and cakes (56%).

But if Action on Sugar get their way, then will it cause more confusion for consumers, retailers and manufacturers alike? Have your say on Twitter @confectionprod.

And while I’m all for efforts to reduce obesity levels globally, I ultimately believe that if you’re going to indulge in a chocolate bar then it doesn’t matter what size it is or how much it costs, if consumers want to indulge in a sweet treat then they will pay the price.

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