Emulsifier approved in Japan

Following the news that Cargill has gained approval for the use of sunflower lecithin in Japan, I spoke to Thorsten Bornholdt, EMEA product manager, fluid lecithin, about this development.

This will have clear benefits for the import/export sector in the Japanese market, Bornholdt tells CP. Currently, the country accounts for only four per cent of the global food lecithin market, one-third of which is used within the confectionery sector.

“We are seeing a lot of major producers in Europe exporting globally and some markets are not strong enough to support local production,” he says. “The increasing demand for non-GMO means we need alternative sources of lecithin, particularly in Europe, thereby shortening the supply chain.”

Sunflower lecithin, which is produced during the oil refining process, has benefits over soy lecithin in terms of allergen labelling, its non-GMO status and long term sustainability and could meet increasing demand and produce future cost-benefits for confectionery producers, he adds.

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