Ingredients news: Natural melanges come to the UK

BakeMark UK has launched the UK’s first melanges as part of its new Optinature range of all-natural products.

Produced under the BakeMark UK Craigmillar umbrella, the melanges are a whole new concept in bakery fats for the UK market. Melange is the French word for mixture; the products, popular in other parts of Europe, are a mix of margarine and butter. They are among the most premium bakery fats available ” ideal for artisan bakers looking to produce the finest cakes and pastries.
The Optinature pastry and cake melanges are designed to complement the range of fats already offered by BakeMark UK. They are made with all-natural ingredients and contain approximately 20% butter.
The Pastry Melange is a continental-style fat, which blends the best quality margarine and natural butter. Soft and easily manageable, it is suited to products such as Danish pastries and croissants, producing a consistent, excellent controlled lift with light, non-greasy eating qualities and a buttery taste. It is available in cases of five individually wrapped 2kg platters.
The Cake Melange is perfect for cakes and cream type fillings as well as shortbreads and pastries. It ensures excellent volume and crumb structure with the added benefit of a delicate and understated buttery taste. In cream type fillings, Cake Melange guarantees optimum volume and stability. It is supplied in packs of four individually wrapped 2.5kg blocks.

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