Salon du Chocolat Paris event set for stylish return with its 27th edition

A fine array of luxury chocolate and industry innovations will under the spotlight, as the Paris Salon du Chocolat returns this autumn, writes Neill Barston.

The five-day event, which takes place between October 28-1 November, is dedicated to the world of chocolate and cocoa, with the showcase now in its 27th edition.

As the organising team notes, its highlights are set to include award-winning pastry chefs, emerging young talent and experienced chocolate makers are set to share some of their signature recipes as part of its live demonstration masterclasses.

It has also become renowned for its fashion shows, which will also provide a further edge of glamour to proceedings.

For this year, exhibitors include Cemoi, Stuhmer, Chocolaterie du Luexembourg, Hugo and Victor, Maison Valot, Ciao Gusto, Jeffrey Cagnes, Sun and Green, Coffola, Pain d’epices Nicolas, Abicab, Chocolate in a Bottle, Patisserie Fine, Alleno & Rivoire.

Furthermore it will also feature an exhibition “Bûche, ô ma bûche” will return with striking Christmas creations, centred on works of art imagined by iconic pastry chefs.

In addition, the event is set to feature sculptures, large-scale works and photo exhibitions as part of many surprises during what is billed as a key celebration of all things relating to premium confectionery ranges.

As the icing on its cake, Salon du Chocolat is also inviting children and their families on a magical chocolate journey, featuring culinary, funny, and educational experiences.

There will also be chance for young talents to shine, with the event’s Junior Pastry Show entirely dedicated to children. For more details on the show, visit

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