Nassau Candy expands series with latest Sweets & Snacks launch

Speciality US confectionery group Nassau Candy has celebrated the launch of its extended Clever Candy brand, which gained an unveiling at this year’s Sweets & Snacks Expo, writes Neill Barston.

As the business noted, its upgraded offering enables retailers and their customers a whole new way to enjoy their favourite playful and creative confections.

The inaugural products in Nassau Candy’s Clever Candy line will be packaged versions of the company’s bold Sour Sidekicks, which were introduced earlier this year in bulk only. These sour gummies are said to have focused on offering a notable chew, wide range of colours and intense fruity flavours. They be offered in a 5 oz peg bag and 3 oz theatre box.

Both the peg bag and theatre box feature the brand’s signature “splats” in vivid colours with the Sidekicks candy characters in playful poses. While customers are snacking, they can engage with the riddles and jokes on every package, adding to the entertaining experience. All these elements forward Clever Candy’s mission “To spark imagination and creativity in every bite.”

“Our Clever Candy bulk line is wildly popular, so it only made sense to offer the beloved bulk confections in a packaged line,” says Andrew Reitman, Executive President, National Branded Confections for Nassau Candy. “This offers additional merchandising options for our current bulk customers, while opening up the fun and flavour of the Clever Candy experience to a whole new retailer and customer base.”

Plans are already in place to quickly expand the Clever Candy packaged line to include additional bulk favourites. The next phase of the packaged rollout will include Fishie Friends — both red and assorted colour/flavours. Following Fishie Friends will be packaged versions of gummy Bestie Bears, single colours/flavours, as well as assorted. Package design will be consistent across all offerings, allowing retailers to create impactful merchandising displays.

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