Glanbia Nutritionals research finds continued rise in consumer healthier snacking

A key industry study has found that momentum in European consumer snacking trends is continuing a rise towards better-for-you options supported by functional ingredients like protein, according to studies from Glanbia Nutritionals.

Its findings have revealed that one in six are weekly consumers of protein fortified snacks, which they consider to be healthier product alternatives  to ‘traditional’ sweet and savoury items.

High protein, high fibre and low sugar products are driving the snacking category forward, with many consumers now choosing snacks they perceive as healthy over more traditional options. However, at the same time many people still want to fulfil the ‘treat yourself’ moment, making taste is a key consideration for many consumers. Seeking snacks that deliver on both indulgence and health, consumers are turning to protein fortified snacks which are seen to deliver both.

When it comes to healthy snacking, it’s not as simple as one size fits all. A recent survey by the global nutritional solutions provider found that found that for inactive or less active consumers, protein snacks meet needs around satiety, a healthy hold over between meals. For more active consumers, protein snacks are used for managing daily nutritional intake, refueling and improving sports performance, demonstrating the versatility and broad appeal of protein fortified products.

Sonja Matthews, Senior Manager Strategic Insights EMEA & ASPAC at Glanbia Nutritionals, said: “Across Europe as consumers begin to emerge from varying degrees of lockdown, people are determined to put their health at the top of the agenda whether than be physical, mental, or a combination of both. For many, this is impacting the choices made in the food and drink aisle – especially when it comes to snacking.

“Our research has found there has been a surge in the demand for healthier snacks. Consumers are seeking out better-for-you, not necessarily best-for-you, as they are not prepared to compromise on taste. Protein fortified snacks is set to continue to be an exciting and dynamic growth category as it continues attract new consumers, demonstrating there is room for growth from both existing brands and new players entering the market.”

To enable food manufacturers to make the most of the new opportunities in the healthy snacks market, Glanbia Nutritionals will be showcasing new key research on healthy snacking in Europe via a webinar on Tuesday 26 April 2022. From consumer attitudes to consumption trends toward protein snacks, the solutions provider will share their learnings of the healthy snacking category and thoughts on the next wave of category growth.

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