KitKat extends additional flavours for US confectionery market

The latest flavour combination to emerge for US KitKat customers have been unveiled in the form of its Duos Strawberry and Dark Chocolate, and Chocolate Hazelnut thins, writes Neill Barston.

In America, the business is licensed to Hershey, which has continued the brand’s strong tradition for delivering new variations, with the market for the company remaining buoyant despite the ongoing pandemic.

“A new year is always a chance to try new things, so what better way to start than by releasing new KitKat flavours?” said Dan Williard, Brand Manager of KIT KAT. “There’s nothing more classic than Kitkat wafers and chocolate, but KitKat Duos Strawberry + Dark Chocolate and KitKat thins Chocolate Hazelnut bring fresh takes.”

As the company explained, the KitKat Duos Strawberry and Dark Chocolate flavour combines the sweet, fresh taste of strawberry with the rich, decadent flavor of dark chocolate in the KIT KAT Duos third generation bar. This fruit-inspired KIT KAT bar tastes like a chocolate covered strawberry and will be available in both standard and king size.

Regarding the latest thins release, the company confirmed this  joins the existing KitKat thins lineup which slims down the classic KitKat wafer into a thinner treat. KIT KAT THiNS Chocolate Hazelnut adds a hazelnut flavour to a light, crispy version of a fan favourite, KitKat thins, that launched last year. Be on the lookout for this new item in both 3.1 oz. and 7.37 oz. bags. Both new items are available at retailers nationwide and are permanent additions to the range.


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