Innovative ‘Bar of Crisps’ chocolate series attracts online audience

An industry first is being claimed by UK confectionery manufacturer Chocolate Moments in forging a bold pairing of ready salted crisps and milk chocolate to deliver “The Bar of Crisps’ writes Neill Barston.

According to company founder, Maria Antoniou, her new innovation has seen existing customers express flock online to register an early interest in the innovative treat.

As she explained to Confectionery Production, the new line features the texture of smooth milk chocolate with crunchy crisps offering a distinctive taste experience in merging the best of the nation’s two favourite snacks. The 100g bar comes in a heat-sealed flow wrap mimicking the notion of a bag of crisps, and has a shelf life of eight weeks.

“The inspiration for the range came out of lockdown. I was sitting on my sofa watching Netflix (like most of the Nation last year!) and eating crisps out of one hand and chocolate out of another. All of a sudden the textures and flavours combined and I thought, this is incredible! Sweet and salty, smooth and crunchy, it worked so well. I lept into my workroom and made some small 45g milk chocolate bars stuffed with crisps and told my followers on Instagram and Facebook, explained Maria, who said there had been a ‘fantastic response’ to her latest creation.

She added: “I sold 120 small bars in just a few days. The idea started to cement in my mind and i started researching if this had done before. To my surprise it hadn’t. So I trademarked the name Bar of Crisps, (a play on bag of crisps), and started working with a design/production company to produce packaging. We launched this year and we have had food bloggers, influencers and consumers going mad for them demanding more flavours! We made an initial batch of 200 bars and they all sold out in less than one week upon launching so will be making new batches very soon to meet demand.”

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