Froneri delivers major new Oreo cone ice cream series

Amid major category growth totalling 66%, the Froneri group has unveiled its latest release in the form of its Oreo Cone series, as snacking at home experiencing a key upturn, reports Neill Barston.

As the business noted, Oreo ice cream experienced similar growth of 75% last summer, and, which led the business to extend its ranges further.

The new Oreo Cone features a scoop of vanilla ice cream smothered in an Oreo biscuit coating on top of a crunchy cone, filled with more delicious vanilla ice cream and Oreo biscuit pieces. It is the ultimate Oreo treat for all the family and the definitive way to snack.

According to the company, ice cream as a snack is increasing in popularity for multiple reasons, namely that it can be easily grabbed from the freezer with no serving required making it a convenient option that can be enjoyed on the go. What’s more, the combination of cone, ice cream and Oreo is a wonderful treat.

The Oreo Cone will strengthen the brand’s range of ice cream SKUs which include the Oreo ice cream tub, Oreo Stick, Oreo Sandwich, and the Oreo Stick Sandwich, which launched in 2020 and was the 5th biggest value NPD in the take home ice cream market. Hailed as game-changer in the ice cream market, the Oreo Stick Sandwich was praised for combining the power brands of Oreo and Cadburys and its innovative format that brings the much-loved sandwich to a stick, with the added treat of a Cadbury chocolate coating.

Brunhilde van Antwerp, UK Head of Marketing at Froneri, said: “The last 12 months of restricted living has had a significant impact on sales of take home ice cream with an additional £260 million spent. With children off school and people working from home, there has been a marked increase in home snacking occasions and a surge in demand for ice cream. Consumers have wanted to treat themselves more often and therefore snacking has become more indulgent, driving growth for the ice cream market and Oreo in particular.

“Oreo is a unique and much-loved brand so it’s no surprise that, as family snacking choices become more indulgent, Oreo continues to over-index in this category. We expect the new Oreo Cone to be just as successful, if not more so considering the strength of the market at present.”

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