Ferrero UK joins with Chester Zoo for public education on sustainable palm oil

Ferrero UK has confirmed a project with Chester Zoo aimed at raising consumer awareness around the importance of sustainably sourced palm oil, which are a key element of its business practices, reports Neill Barston

The business was recently praised by the WWF charitable nature organisation on its sourcing policies, emerging as the top rated company on its cross industry scorecard system, gaining a rating of 21.5 out of 22 for its practices.

As the company explained to Confectionery Production, it will support Chester Zoo in educating communities on the of sustainable palm oil (SPO) and the impact that consumers and industry can have by making more eco-friendly choices.

Furthermore, the company noted that palm oil remains an incredibly efficient crop with less environmental impact on the land than other vegetable oils, but it is essential that it is sourced sustainably. However, research by Ferrero shows that the sustainability around the palm oil ingredient is misunderstood with only four out of ten consumers reportedly understanding what sustainable palm oil is.

The partnership enables further support and progression of the Sustainable Palm Oil cities project, which aims to help and inspire cities and towns to follow in Chester’s footsteps in achieving SPO city status through wide-spread use of sustainable palm oil amongst the city’s businesses and restaurants.

In addition, the scheme will also help to drive forward the Sustainable Palm Oil education programme, which seeks to educate students on the importance of sustainable palm oil. Both projects aim to bring to light the unacknowledged issues and misunderstandings that befall the sustainable palm oil industry and how communities and individuals can tackle them.

Charlie Cayton, director of communications and corporate Affairs at Ferrero UK, said: “We are proud to only use 100% RSPO-certified segregated sustainable palm oil and are committed to working with Chester Zoo to help educate others around the importance of palm oil sustainability. Chester Zoo has already done fantastic work in this area and we are really excited to work together to raise awareness of this issue.”

Head of Marketing at Chester Zoo, Jenny Tegg, added: “It is vitally important to the future survival of incredible species such as the orangutan that we increase demand for Sustainable Palm Oil. Through our new partnership with Ferrero UK, we will continue to deliver our schools education programme which aims to empower teachers and the students with the facts relating to real conservation issues and bring about change that will benefit wildlife. The partnership also supports our SPO cities programme, a pioneering project to encourage organisations to lead their city to use only sustainably sourced palm oil.

“The SPO city project has been a flagship example of the kind of conservation impact that we can achieve when communities come together to make a change – and it’s a project that is very close to our hearts.”

Ferrero has used 100% sustainable RSPO-certified segregated palm oil since January 2015 and became one of the first global companies to achieve this. In 2013, Ferrero also developed its own Palm Oil charter, which goes beyond sustainable certification and aims to tackle the main causes of deforestation. In January 2020, WWF ranked Ferrero number one out of 173 global companies evaluated for their support of sustainable palm oil.

Chester Zoo is a world leading conservation charity with a mission of preventing extinction. They are dedicated to raising awareness of key conservation issues. In 2019, Chester was named the first SPO city in the world following a campaign, led by Chester Zoo, to transform the buying habits of food service providers across the city. 52 champions signed up and other cities have since replicated the project, with the dual aim to only use sustainable palm oil while protecting the environment.

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