Study of UK online shopping finds confectionery with lowest level of sugar reduced options

Research from Euromonitor International has revealed that confectionery and snacks proved the segments with the least number of claims of low sugar, low salt and low fat in product launches within core areas of the food sector for UK online shopping over the past year.

As the group noted, healthier food options have been a source of concern during the coronavirus crisis for conscious consumers using more and more the online channel to shop groceries hence doing their research on products.

Furthermore, the UK government followed up the movement earlier in July with new food and drinks regulations, including the end of deals ‘buy one get one free’ on unhealthy food high in salt, sugar and fat.

Euromonitor International last month released a new analysis about how brands use strategically claims (or labels) to address consumer preferences, and its new database identifies claims identifies the number of stocks keeping units (SKUs) offered online.

Its findings from studies of online retailing habits revealed that within an overall baskets containing breakfast cereals, confectionery, ice cream and frozen desserts, processed meat and seafood, ready meals and sweet biscuits, Snack Bars and Fruit Snacks), confectionery is the category with the least of claims “low fat”, “low sugar” and “low salt” on products sold online. Only 0,5% of online confectionery SKUs had a “low sugar” label in UK in 2019.

The claim “Low Fat” on Ice cream and frozen desserts sold online has been significantly more claimed than “Low Sugar” (18,6% against 5%) in UK in 2019. In the Ready meals category, “Low Fat” has been the most prevalent claim among the 3 selected (5% Low Fat, 1,4% Low Salt and 0,7% Low Sugar of British online SKUs in 2019. Breakfast cereals, often decried for their high sugar-content, had only a little bit over 3% of their products sold online that are “Low Sugar” in UK in 2019. Processed meat and seafood show that out of the three claims, “Low Fat” is the most prevalent one online (3% of SKUs have the claim), “Low Salt” being significantly less claimed (1%).

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