Macpac uses packaging systems to create medical visors for use with coronavirus treatment

Thermoformed packaging designer and manufacturer Macpac is contributing towards the present fight against coronavirus in designing and produced a PPE Visor for Critical Care workers requiring vital protection in treating patients.

As the company revealed to Confectionery Production, the newly created piece of equipment has been created on a non-profit basis. It is lightweight in construction, and sits comfortably against the forehead with an adjustable elastic head band, will be in production and available from this week.

The Visor has already been approved by the MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) on device compliance. Designed to sit away from the face at an angle to allow the use of glasses or protective goggles and face masks.  The hygienic design means that the Visor can be washed or wiped down easily for re-use if required. Made from 100% recyclable material, the visor offers a highly cost-effective solution for medical professionals or personal use.

Produced at Macpac’s BRC AA grade accredited manufacturing site the items can be produced in high volume on Macpac’s modern high-speed thermoforming machines. Initially 90,000 -100,000 units can be produced a week, with an option to upscale the production if required down the line doubling capacity output.

Graham Kershaw, managing director, of Macpac, said: “Manufactured using high clarity recycled PET material that is 100% recyclable offers a cost effective quick to market option” helping fight Covid-19 and helping save lives. We are all trying to do our bit, and we are doing this as a strictly non-profit exercise.” For more information on the equipment, visit

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