NCA creates national candy month digital resource hub

The US-based National Confectioners Association (NCA) has launched National Candy Month Central, a digital hub for a broad range of market facts about chocolate, candy, gum and mints.

Each June, the organisation helps Americans celebrate the sweeter side of life by highlighting innovation in the confectionery industry, as well as recognising those across the country who proudly make the special treats that bring people together during holidays and family celebrations.

“National Candy Month is a time to honour the classic American manufacturing success story of the confectionery industry,” John Downs, NCA president & CEO, said. “We’re excited to share the stories of the companies and individuals who make the confections many of us enjoy throughout the year, especially as those companies empower consumers to treat in a way that fits into a happy, balanced lifestyle.”

The confectionery industry is committed to providing consumers with information, options and support as they enjoy their favorite treats. Leading chocolate and candy makers have pledged to offer half of their individually wrapped products in sizes that contain 200 calories or less per pack by 2022, and 90 percent of their best-selling treats will display calorie information right on the front of the pack. This proactive effort is part of the Always A Treat Initiative, a five-year commitment with the Partnership for a Healthier America that began in 2017.

Many of America’s well-known confectionery companies have been family-owned and operated for generations, providing their communities with good-paying manufacturing jobs for decades. America’s confectionery manufacturers directly employ nearly 54,000 people and have a direct economic impact of more than $35 billion. But their impact goes far beyond their front doors: for every job directly created in confectionery manufacturing, another ten are supported in related fields, including retail, agriculture, and shipping – totalling more than 600,000 American jobs supported by the industry.

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