Chocolatier Paul A Young forges Cornish sea salt connection

UK chocolatier Paul A Young has set upon a move working with Cornish Sea Salt across his recipes, products and events.

The decision marks a first change in 13 years for the artisan producer, who has gained a high profile within Britain for appearing on BBC documentaries on chocolate production.

He will be switching to Cornish Sea Sale from his multi award winning and best-selling sea salted Caramel, which has been voted the best Salted Caramel in the world.

Three chocolates made using the salt have already won Academy of Chocolate Awards; sourdough, buttermilk and sea salt; rosemary and olive oil Gianduja and the chip shop caramel.

Young will be altering the recipes of all existing products that contain Sea Salt as well as developing NPD with the salt. He will also be experimenting with the wider Cornish Sea Salt range, which includes Smoked Sea Salt Flakes and salt flakes mixed with seaweed.

Cornish Sea Salt was founded in 2008 on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall. Since then, the company has forged a global reputation for superb sea salt and new product development, while winning awards for their innovative approach to salt production.

Cornish Sea Salt’s pure white sea salt flakes and crystals are hand harvested just 8 metres from the Grade A waters off the Lizard in an eco-friendly Salt House, and thanks to the area’s unique geology, Cornish Sea Salt contains over 60 naturally occurring minerals, creating a unique taste profile.

Paul said: “I’m always looking for the best ingredients to include in my chocolates and finally with Cornish Sea Salt, I feel I have found the best salt possible – I love using British products. The exceptional care Cornish Sea Salt take in collecting every flake aligns with the individual attention and dedication we put into each and every product in our kitchens. I’m really excited about what we create together.”

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