Cargill invests €20 million enhancing its Netherlands starch production site

The Cargill global ingredients and food solutions group is investing €20 million in its Netherlands-based starch production plant in Sas Van Gent, in response to increased consumer demand for convenience foods including baked snacks.

As the company noted, the development of enhancing its instant starch capabilities is set to have a significant impact on the business across a number of segments.

According to Euromonitor, retail volumes for ready meals, sauces, soups, cakes and pastries combined grew by 11 percent from 2013 to 2018, well above the growth of overall packaged food of seven percent relating to the same period.

Presently, the Cargill starches, sweeteners and texturisers business develops and commercialises ingredients made from renewable and nature-derived sources. It employs around 10,000 employees in 40 countries,  processing a wide variety of ingredients including corn, wheat, potato, peas, seaweeds, fruit-peels.

As previously reported, the company has placed a strong focus on sustainable sourcing of red seaweed, which is used as a source of confectionery colouring, developing a ‘red seaweed promise’ to harvest the resource in an environmentally beneficial manner.

Speaking on the extension of its starch facilities, Denis Palacioglu,product line manager, Cargill in Europe, welcomed the move. He said: ” “Consumers have had to adapt their eating habits to their busier lifestyles, which has led to an increased demand for convenience food. This investment in the plant allows the business to deliver on the current consumer demand, and to prepare for even greater customer needs in the future”.

The project includes the construction of a new building and the installation of two new roll dryers in the Sas
Van Gent production facility. High food-safety standards and hygienic process design principles are applied
to ensure product quality. It is expected to go live in the summer of 2019.

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