Giant festive panettone world record breaking treat unveiled in Milan

Festive crowds gathered in Milan, Italy, to witness a giant world record breaking Christmas Panettone cake covered with ruby and dark chocolate, prepared by famous maître chocolatier Davide Comaschi.

The huge baked seasonal treat was displayed and offered to passers-by in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, within the city centre, and weighed 332,2 kilos, with a height of 150 centimetres.

As part of the centrepiece of its design, the cake featured a striking chocolate cityscape representing Milan, which is especially known for its Christmas panettone, as well as a number of other fine confectionery ranges including pralines and pastries.

Requiring 100 hours of preparation, the creators of the record-breaking cake were presented with a world Guinness record certificate for the largest panettone ever produced. It was produced by a team of six professionals based within the city’s chocolate academy.

They used 49,500 grams of flour, 37,800 grams of butter, 25,200 grams of sugar, 25,000 grams of dark chocolate  22,500 grams of raisins, 22,500 grammes of candied orange, 22.5 litres of water, 18,000 grammes of egg yolks, 15,000 grammes of cream, 7,000 grammes of ruby chocolate,  5,100 grammes of honey, 2,000 grammes of white chocolate, 810 grammes of salt, 540 grammes of natural orange flavour, 360 grams of natural lemon aroma and 225 grams of vanilla for the giant baked confectionery marvel.


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