Acma to release new packaging upgrades to is equipment at Pack Expo

An expanded range of digital control upgrades will be showcased by Italian-based manufacturer Acma at Pack Expo next week in Chicago, US.

The company’s latest systems have been developed to improve its series of packaging machinery used within the confectionery and bakery sectors.

Among the key features of its latest digital services is a new operator panel (HMI) that combines simplified machine operation with optimised productivity through constant performance monitoring.

The company, which is part of the Coesia group, will be demonstrating the upgraded systems at Pack Expo with itsCW 800 R packaging machine for flat-base chocolates.

One of the central  features of the enhanced operating system is its touchscreen technology, designed to guide the user through all processes, from everyday machine operation to periodic maintenance and the ordering of replacement parts.

Interaction with the operator is highly visual through the enhanced use of images and video, making the panel quick and intuitive to master. This is especially useful during operations to change pack formats, which can be explained in video tutorials customised by machine version and by the type of product to be packaged.

The new HMI is not just a control interface but also the “electronic brain” of the machine: using
its state-of-the-art hardware it constantly monitors the machine’s operating data, detecting
when any parameters are out of scale and automatically making adjustments as necessary
to optimise production flow.

In addition, the panel also uses a predictive approach, with the ability to anticipate the need for certain interventions and thus further facilitate routine maintenance activities. The machine is constantly connected and relays real-time activity data, for improving production efficiency.

Acma will be exhibiting at the Pack Expo trade show in Chicago from 14-17 October, at the Coesia booth S-2501

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