GNT group unveils colouring trend for purple

Global colouring food specialists, the GNT group, has forecast one of the major product themes for this year is set to be based around the colour purple.

As the company explains, its studies identified the latest trend has been rooted in health and wellness, indicating high phytonutrient content. The colour also has strong visual appeal, which adds to its perceived popularity with consumers.

In response, GNT has delivered a series of established Exberry colouring shades in purple, derived from natural colourings within fruit and vegetables. Accordingly, purple carrots, sweet potatoes and yams are reportedly appearing more frequently within supermarkets.

“As users look for the latest trends to pimp their social media profiles, colour became a key driving force for product development,” says Lu An Williams, director of innovation at Innova Market Insights.

According to its research, 10% of consumers from Mexico, the US, Spain, and Australia are influenced by social media when purchasing food and beverages. For Indian and Chinese consumers, this is already the case for 20%.

Underlining the trend, earlier this year, Pantone, a global authority on colour, named Ultra Violet its “colour of the year,” which will continue to drive the demand for purple.

Meanwhile, fragrance and flavour company Firmenich declared fig as their flavour of the year which in turn fits perfectly with the trend towards purple.

“Simply speaking, the trend for 2018 is purple. It is the ideal colour to attract attention and provides the perfect opportunity to unite market developments and consumer demands,” says Paul Collins, director of international sales and marketing at GNT.

“At GNT we closely monitor trends to identify opportunities that offer the most appealing and relevant products for the consumer,” Paul Collins explains. Exberry application experts develop exciting colour concepts and inspiration for every application: purple-coloured blueberry porridge appeals to breakfast lovers, violet croutons are an eye-catching topping on soups or salads for lunch, while berry flavoured purple granola bars upgrade the afternoon snack alongside a sparkling blackberry pressé with a violet gin to finish a perfect purple day.

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