Global professionals invited to Belgium’s chocolate university

A major event for confectioners is being launched by Syntra West in Bruges, creating Belgium’s first ever chocolate university.

The five-day event is being held between 28 May-1 June, and is expected to attract a broad range of industry specialists who are eager to take their craft to even higher levels.

As the event’s organisers explain, with over 50 chocolatiers creating and innovating every day, the city is considered the chocolate city par excellence. Its centre is packed with confectionery in all scents and colours, all shapes and sizes. From the classic ‘Bruges swan’ to pralines with crisps and a chocolate shooter.

The Chocolate University Belgium will start with a week of workshops, demos and experiences around the theme of taste. Expert speakers confirmed include Dominique Persoone (The Chocolate Line), who will show how to get new and innovate ideas and how to work them out, and Stéphane Leroux (Author of Bleu Chocolat) will unveil how beautiful chocolate pieces are created and how they can be lifted to the highest level.

In addition, Michel Eyckerman (Belcolade) will show how various problems such as sugar bloom and fat bloom arise and even more how these can be avoided, while David Redon (Belcolade) will talk about the latest trends and techniques to take the finishing to a higher level.

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