Symrise opens Asia Pacific innovation and technology centre

Flavours and fragrances specialist Symrise has unveiled its new Asia Pacific flavour innovation and technology centre.

The centre marks the completion of the company’s €30 million expansion of its regional headquarters in Singapore. It aims to boost local food manufacturing capabilities and contribute to Singapore’s vision of becoming Asia’s regional food and nutrition hub.

“Asia is fast becoming one of the main global sources of influence and inspiration for innovative food product,” says Dr Heinz-Jürgen Bertram, chief executive officer at Symrise. “And major centres for business, lifestyle, technology, health and nutrition like Singapore will be at the heart of this megatrend.”

Based in the company’s new regional headquarters, the centre houses several facilities which focus on connecting megatrends, consumer needs, customer requirements, sustainability, innovation and cost efficiency.

Research and technology capabilities will be applied to discover new flavour compounds to create new natural and sustainable products that meet the preferences of Asian consumers, and to demonstrate how these new products can be applied in shelf-stable manufactured foods. This research will be applied to develop both, food flavour innovation for customers in Asia and to support innovation driven projects for key global customers.

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