Gluten-free certification for Goupie

Confectionery brand Goupie has revealed that three of its flavoured chocolate products have gained gluten-free certification from test house Microsearch Laboratories.

The UK-based company said the certified flavours are cherry & almond Goupie, date & walnut Goupie and lemon meringue Goupie.

“As well as meeting the specific needs of coeliacs, we recognise that an increasing number of consumers are electing to follow a gluten-free diet,” says brand manager Grace Simpson.

“We have been offering gluten-free Goupie for some years now, but felt it was vital to offer all our consumers and retailers the reassurance of independent third-party certification.”

Simpson added that the brand is also working on recipe ideas featuring Goupie such as cheesecakes, baklava-style desserts and turnovers to meet the needs of people with specific dietary requirements.

Goupie’s products are made using fresh nuts, dried and candied fruits, essential oils and Belgian chocolate.

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