Capol develops organic candy products

US-based confectionery coating and glazing business Capol has introduced two new organic candy products.

The company’s new acacia-based coatings and polishes are now appearing on candy throughout North America, while a new organic line of sunflower-oil-based anti-sticking agents will debut this year on fruit snacks, gummies and vitamin chews.

Organic, sustainable products are becoming increasingly important and, according to Capol, now account for 10% or more of the group’s sales.

“There’s a growing ‘farm to fork’ mentality among consumers today,” says Katherine Clark, vice president of sales for Capol in the US and Canada. “People are more educated. They want to know where the ingredients are from and how their food is processed as well.”

Clark explains, “Unlike other finishing agents, our organic agents are liquid – rather than powder-based – and don’t require additional mixing, blending or heating with other raw materials before they can be applied.”

Capol says its certified liquid agents have a shelf life of up to one year or more.

The company also has a new line of sustainable palm-oil based anti-sticking agents, which has been certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil’s Mass Balance system.


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