Speciality fruit pieces

Manufacturers of baked goods and snacks can now include concentrated fruit pieces with authentic provenance in their products thanks to the latest innovation by Taura Natural Ingredients.

Tapping into the theme of ‘Rooted & Real’, Taura’s new URC (ultra rapid concentration) speciality range includes named variety fruit ingredients made from French Normandie apples and apricots du Roussillon, as well as delicious American Concord grapes.

Raf Vanlommel, Taura’s marketing manager for EMEA, says: “All of our ingredients are of the highest quality, but these are something special.

They retain all the flavour characteristics of the original fruit variety, adding a touch of class to a product. If you’re looking to create a point of difference and appeal to more discerning consumers, then these pieces are the perfect fit.”

With many of today’s consumers keen to know the origins of the food they eat, the fruit pieces are perfect for inclusion in premium biscuits, cookies, cakes, chocolate and bars. They can also be eaten on their own as a tasty snack.

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