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Wild Flavors & Specialty Ingredients is presenting unusual and refreshing combinations that feature citrus. It is responding to the newest trend in fruit flavours by offering a range of different raspberry options. Last but not least, pomegranate and popcorn are both making major contributions to greater product diversification.

Nowadays many industries are dealing with the topic of an increase in individualisation. More and more, consumers want ‘customised’ products. This poses certain challenges for the food and beverage industry, such as when it comes to flavour compositions.

It is a two-pronged issue: popular flavours such as citrus have to be modified on a regular basis so they remain attractive in the eyes of consumers. At the same time, consumers also regularly expect something surprising. Aromatic innovations offer retailers a way to promote valuable impulse purchases that complement their main business. Wild is presenting many new options for product developers. Their diversified flavours give highly nuanced notes to many different foods and drinks, notes that can pep up flavours with unexpected fruit combinations or create new compositions.

Citrus: the portfolio brightens up classic citrus with a touch of trend fruits, such as grapefruit with pomegranate. It also does the reverse, taking something like the exotic kaffir lime and blending it with domestic black currants.

Raspberry: product developers have created flavours for different categories – some play up the fresh fruit flavour while others offer a note that is reminiscent of jam, flowers or candy. The wide range of WILD’s application-specific natural flavours makes it possible to create target group-specific products while also satisfying different regional preferences. Another advantage is that raspberry is ideal both as a stand-alone flavour note and as part of a blend. There is no limit to the ways it can be combined.

Pomegranate: the options range from ‘woody’ to ‘green’ and from ‘berry-like’ all the way to ‘grenadine’. Using its extensive fruit expertise and broad knowledge of applications as a foundation, Wild food technologists have created a wide-ranging palette of pomegranate flavours that make it possible to select the perfect note for each different application.

Popcorn in particular is an ideal flavour platform; it has long been a favourite snack food, and now it can be combined in many different ways and applied to other product categories. It harmonises well with brown flavours and goes with anything buttery and creamy. As a result, popcorn is ideal for new chocolate products, among other things. It also blends beautifully with fruit flavours such as strawberry, creating delicious compositions and stirring up an appetite for new sweets. The Movie Stars Range includes popcorn-strawberry, popcorn-latte macchiato, popcorn chocolate and popcorn-salty caramel.


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