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Complaints about dry, crumbly gluten free bakery products could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to a natural milk protein based solution developed by Arla Foods Ingredients.

The market for gluten free products is going through the roof in both Europe and the US, driven predominantly by the perception that they are healthier and can aid weight loss. However, gluten free bakery products often perform poorly in terms of taste and texture. Nutrilac proteins for gluten free products is a solution that addresses this problem directly, offering a natural solution that guarantees end products with an excellent structure that don’t compromise on sensory quality, says the company. It is 100 per cent gluten free and simulates the protein structure and functionality of wheat gluten, resulting in bread and cakes that have the soft and elastic crumb that consumers are seeking.

John Kjaer, global sales manager for bakery at Arla Foods Ingredients, says: “Gluten free is huge right now, but such strong sales growth won’t be sustainable if products don’t taste nice, because eventually consumers will drift away. The winners in this category will be bakery companies that can make gluten free bread and cakes that are virtually indistinguishable from their conventional equivalents. Many people will tell you this is impossible – but it’s not. With Nutrilac proteins for gluten free products, perfect gluten free bread and cakes are a reality. The show’s finally over for poor quality gluten free products.”

Nutrilac milk proteins for gluten free products are described as easy to use in bakery recipes and require no new machinery or change in standard manufacturing procedures, making it easy for companies to enter the gluten free market. The proteins result in an elastic dough that can be handled in a similar way to standard yeast raised dough. According to Arla, they ensure excellent crumb resistance for enhanced slicing and a pleasantly fresh crust and the proteins are completely natural and have a neutral, rounded milky taste, which ensures they don’t impair product flavour.

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