Natural brown colourings

Sensient Food Colours Europe has launched a range of colours to be used as a natural alternative to traditional caramel colours. The natural brown colourings include plant-based products that are available as colouring foodstuffs complying with the new EU guidance notes on colouring food.

“One of the biggest challenges has been to produce rich natural brown shades for use in confectionery to meet the demanding product and processing conditions, such as in pan coatings and hard-boiled candies,” explains Dr. Andreas Klingenberg, technical director, Sensient Colors Europe GmbH. “Sensient has developed the technologies and know-how to meet these processing and stability challenges, using natural components as building blocks to create high performance solutions.”

Sensient’s range incorporates a variety of natural raw materials formulated for specific product applications. Sensient’s product line includes apple-based products offering several attractive brown shades particularly suitable for the beverage and confectionery industries. For dairy products, alternatives based on malt and burnt sugar are now available, and a range of oil soluble products are included for use in savoury and snack applications.

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