Devising lollipop and boiled candy confectionery series

As Confectionery Production board member Andy Baxendale explains, the lollipop and boiled confectionery market has remained relatively consistent, with up to 12% of new global launches over the past two years being in this category.

According to the confectionery expert, one of the most prominent trends for the segment is the recently emerging, yet extremely fast growing and profitable new area is CBD containing products.

Cannabidiol – is a component of marijuana that reputedly has a host of health benefits but no psychoactive properties, and is subsequently legally permitted in the UK and a whole host of other countries. This is definitely one area to watch, especially if cannabis as a whole becomes legal in the UK.

High-end gourmet offerings, manufactured in small volumes but commanding high prices continue to flourish, however whether these will ever become mainstream remains to be seen. There are some extremely nice looking offerings containing decorative embellishments such as flowers, swirls of colour and even insects.

Popular equipment
In terms of equipment development for lollipop and hard-boiled candy development, one of the most prominent pieces of machinery remains GEA’s Twistwrapper.

This wrapping machine is recognised for its high output, quality and appealing wrapping. Created with the needs of wholesalers and retailers in mind, the OverlapSeal option was developed especially for the TwistWrapper.

This hermetically sealed twist wrap style considerably extends the shelf life of lollipops, particularly in areas with high atmospheric humidity, with the machine achieving high speed due to smooth film handling, precise cutting and automatic feeding.

With the tear slit, the OverlapSeal double-twist is extremely easy to open. The machine also uses less wrapping film during production when compared to other wrapping techniques.

“Twist-wrapped lollipops give producers the opportunity to offer consumers another look and increase shelf appeal on the retail floor. Products attract more attention and can even make the lollipop look larger,” says Kees le Loux, GEA segment sales manager confectionery. The standard TwistWrapper 600 with OverlapSeal handles lollipop diameters from 18 to 30 mm and accommodates film reels up to 420 mm in diameter. The minimum wrapping speed is based on 600 lollipops per minute.”

For its part, Baker Perkins will use ProSweets 2019 to showcase itsĀ  ServoForm Mini depositor.

This flexible depositing system for small batch production with outputs up to 54 kg/hour. It brings the benefits of depositing – high quality, high efficiency and versatility – to companies producing confectionery in small batches, including those making medicinal and healthcare products such as cough candy, throat pastilles, and vitamin or mineral jellies. Established manufacturers can produce low volume test runs of new products for consumer research.

Starchless depositing is especially relevant for functional and medicated jellies and gummies, where the starch process cannot be considered. Hygiene – particularly the elimination of cross-contamination – and strict recipe accuracy are critical, making starchless depositing ideal through its consistent high-class products that support premium pricing and healthcare positioning.

Crucially, depositing adheres to the principles of GMP and is readily capable of validation to FDA/EMEA standards. The ServoForm Mini is ideal for companies needing to make a variety of products on one line.

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