Creating healthier options to meet market demand remains a key focus

As we have reported over the past couple of months, there have been a number of studies underlining how much consumers value having healthier choice options, including within confectionery and bakery markets.

While an industry built upon the notion of creating indulgent sweet treats was always going to find this particularly challenging, it is fascinating to see leading manufacturers response to the issue, that has worked its way to the top of the agenda.

This week’s Health Ingredients Europe event, being staged in Frankfurt, Germany is a case in point, where Tate and Lyle is launching a stevia-based sweetening option promising zero calories, which has game-changing potential if applied to the most relevant products.

Other firms including Kerry Functional Ingredients and Arla Ingredients, due to showcase their own innovations within the sector at the trade fair, so it’s this drive for creativity in delivering forward-thinking market solutions that will make a difference in offering consumers genuine choice.

From speaking to UK-based Plamil Foods this week, the team explained that there had been a great level of demand for its free from and dairy free range. But it’s success to date has been founded on a considerable amount of work being put into making products as attractive as possible in order to gain market acceptance.

With leading manufacturers looking to make their mark in devising reduced-sugar and calorie confectionery options, it seems that an age of producing confectionery that is capable of seeming like a real treat as well as containing healthier properties is upon us, which can only be a welcome development.


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