Chocolat Madagascar reveals latest flavanol-packed bar series for ISM

Chocolat Madagascar's Neil Kelsall at 2022's ISM, which was subject to pandemic restrictions. It returns with a key new line for 2024. Pic: Neill Barston

Premium tree-to-bar confectionery brand Chocolat Madagascar is to showcase its latest product innovation at ISM this weekend in the form of a Raw Mava Estate Fine Dark 100% unroasted cacao bar series, writes Neill Barston.

As the company explained, the 75g product brings fresh new flavours and a greater number of flavanols (antioxidants), which research has indicated could have potential significant health benefits, which are presently being evaluated by health authorities around the world.

Describing its latest range, the Madagascar business observed that flavanols also are considered to potentially have other positive impacts including improving blood flow, reducing inflammation, improving insulin sensitivity, and enhancing cognitive function.

Moreover, as the company noted, chocolate is made from fermented and dried cacao, which is roasted at temperatures 120 to 140°C for upto 40 minutes. This develops the chocolate aromas and flavours and also makes the chocolate food safe, by killing harmful bacteria and mycotoxins, such as Salmonella and Ecoli. However, the roasting process also destroys around 40% of the antioxidants (flavanols) in the cacao. Low quality bitter tasting bulk cacao is usually chemically manipulated for its flavour and colour , a process called alkalisation. This process reduces the flavanols by a further 50%, leaving the chocolate depleted of antioxidants.

Raw Mava Estate Fine Dark 100% is crafted from unroasted cacao safely. A result of innovative process research and investment by our expert Malagasy team, where the fermented cacao flavanols and minerals are preserved and harmful bacteria is removed without roasting and use of chemicals. Cacao is a fermented and dried seed of the Theobroma cacao tree. The cultivar, care and terroir determine the flavour profile, Mava estate is the Malagasy agroforestry plantation in the Sambirano valley, north west Madagascar. Bringing fresh and bright citrus aroma & flavours, high flavanols, high fibre and no added sugar, a fine flavour functional food.

“We want to offer the fine chocolate connoisseur a fresh new flavour dimension with more flavanols” said Neil Kelsall, Director at Chocolat Madagascar.

The Raw Mava estate 100% cacao is now available in Germany from, and can also be sampled at ISM Cologne Hall 5.2 E039a 23-25th April 2023.

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