Schubert strengthens senior management in response to challenging market conditions

German-headquartered packaging equipment specialist Schubert has confirmed two new members of its senior management, with its team being bolstered in response to a number of key supply chain challenges, reports Neill Barston.

As the Crailsheim machinery manufacturer noted, the sector is facing multiple tests including a shortage of skilled workers, as well as scarcity of materials, that has placed an enhanced focus on delivering efficiencies for its global operations.

This has led to the company expanding its team, with Jenny Wacker joining as Director HR, and Oliver Palmert, Director Supply Chain Management, who has been with the business for the past three years, as the company faces an exceptionally busy year ahead, with preparations for this year’s Interpack event in Dusseldorf this May.

The company has evolved over the decades to be the largest company within its immediate area, and has gone on to become a market leader in the packaging industry, after originally being founded by Gerhard Schubert  in 1966. As the business added, it has taken a combined path of developing advanced technology and concepts, as well as distinctive approach to business that has enable it to retain its position. In addition to these criteria for success, two further areas have emerged as increasingly important in recent years: Purchasing and Human Resources.

Almost daily, topics such as material shortages and availability, rising raw material prices and related news are prevalent. A look at the figures at Gerhard Schubert GmbH reveals how significant the impact of successful purchasing management is in the company.

As the company added, in 2022, for example, the average delivery time for the procurement of machine parts was 20 working days despite the challenging procurement market situation. Long-standing partnerships with local key suppliers, very flexible parts production and a high level of redundancy in manufacturing processes are key success factors for the supply of machine and service assemblies. 92 per cent of the parts required for these operations are sourced in Germany, 34 per cent of which come from within a radius of less than 75 kilometres of Crailsheim. In fact, 80 per cent of the manufacturing processes in Sourcing can be carried out within the Schubert Group.

The company acknowledged that it also deals with the shortage of skilled workers on a daily basis. Some 150 additional jobs were created at Gerhard Schubert GmbH in 2022/2023, and further growth is planned for the coming years. This can only be achieved with suitably qualified and motivated employees. The logical consequence of employee growth is an extended management team with its latest two additions.

Oliver Palmert, who has been with Schubert since February 2019, is being given authorised signatory power in his function as Director Supply Chain Management as of 1 January 2023 and will be included in the extended management team. Jenny Wacker, who has been managing Schubert’s human resources since March 2022, is also being granted authorised signatory power as of January 2023 and is the first woman to join the extended management team. This sets the course for the company’s continued success in the future.


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