Fudge Kitchen makes bold environmental move with compostable packaging

A key environmental move has been delivered by UK confectionery brand Fudge Kitchen, as it delivers its latest ranges of products in fully compostable packaging, reports Neill Barston.

The artisan brand has placed sustainability at the forefront of their business, with its new series available in highly eco-friendly pouches, as the company commits to reducing its overall manufacturing impact through a package of additional measures including  making changes to the way they source ingredients and package their products.The new packaging which is made from renewable resources – including TIPA bio-based film, NatureFlex cellulose and PaperWise paper, and can be composted in your household food waste (subject to local authority). The compostability is clearly stated on pack, with instructions on how to dispose of it appropriately.

As the company explained, its new pouches range will include Fudge Kitchen’s handmade Chocolate Coated Honeycomb, Raspberry Coconut Ice, Rock Salted Peanut Brittle, and Sea Salted Caramel Crumbly Fudge. The collection is available to buy in their shops throughout the UK, on the Fudge Kitchen website and through their independent retail partners. The confectionery pouches are priced individually from £5.50.

In recent years, Fudge Kitchen have made a number of business changes to propel them forward on their journey to operating more sustainably. In March of this year, they switched chocolate supplier, to Colombian producer Luker Chocolate (which will be making an appearance at this year’s World Confectionery Conference) meaning they have more visibility on supply chain ethics & sustainability practices used. Luker Chocolate have been recognised for their work supporting cocoa growing communities in Colombia, recently receiving a sustainability honours award.

Sian Holt, MD of Fudge Kitchen, says “During the pandemic, we began challenging ourselves to actively do more to minimise our environmental impact and give back wherever possible. As well as changing chocolate supplier, we are also trialling cane sugar (grown overseas) to beet sugar grown predominantly in the UK.”

Alongside this, the brand recently published their 2021/22 Giving Report, detailing their partnership with giving platforms B1G1 and Work For Good, which have enabled them to provide an exceptional positive impact not only to the environment, but to local and community initiatives too.

The compostable pouches range follows on from Fudge Kitchen’s sustainable rebrand earlier this year. As part of their new look and feel, the confectioners moved to UK printed packaging, dramatically reducing their carbon footprint, and switched to plant-based inks and water-based glues. All non-compostable packaging is now FSC certified and fully recyclable.

Head of Sales, Rupert Allinson, says “There’s a responsibility for all businesses to play their part in tackling the climate emergency. We don’t want to just do ‘enough’ to keep in line with government rules and legislation, instead we want to pave our own way, going above and beyond to minimise the impact we have.”

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