Belgium’s Vanparys expands operations with marzipan production capabilities

Belgian-based Vanparys confectionery has moved to expand its operations, after acquiring capabilities to produce handmade marzipan flowers for decorating pastry ranges, writes Dominique Huret.

The business was founded in 1889 through Felix Vanparys pioneered the traditional chocolate dragees in Brussels, that remain popular in a number of markets, and are offered at births and christenings. Today, the business has a turnover of €1.3million and delivers 110 tons of its core product range per year. Its operations are within an IFS/BRC certified factory employing 26 staff.

Its latest move saw the business acquire a Dutch company that produced handmade marzipan flowers to decorate pastries. They decided to entrust the production to a sheltered workshop that produce a premium product of great finesse.

Today, Vanparys sells its marzipan flowers mainly in the Netherlands (60%), Germany, Sweden, Norway, Italy, and is now seeking distributors in Belgium and France, where cake decoration is still in its infancy.

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