German production of chocolate Santas increases amid growth in global exports

As one of its festive favourites, the German confectionery industry has produced a total of 160 million chocolate Santa Clauses, an increase of around 5%, with a third destined for export markets, reports Neill Barston.

The results come from the BDSI (Federal Association of the German Confectionery Industry), with its latest survey revealing that the fresh figures were down to higher levels of orders from food retailers, as well as overseas interest.

While the performance appears positive, one of Germany’s traditional strengths within the sector has been its Christmas market trading, which has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic that has hit the country severely in recent weeks, forcing the closure of a number of outdoor venues that typically stock a strong range of confectionery.

“In difficult and uncertain times, it turns out that confectionery is among the small joys of everyday life belong. This is especially true of the popular ones like chocolate Santa Clauses. Despite the existing contact restrictions for the upcoming St. Nicholas Day and Christmas, such gifts give a lot of joy, “says Dr. Carsten Bernoth, General Manager of the BDSI.

Around two thirds (around 103 million) of this year’s production of Santa Clause figures, are headed for German retailers, while a third  (57 million) are exported, as far and wide as the US, Canada and Australia. German chocolate Santa Clauses are particularly popular
France, Austria and the UK.

As the BDSI noted, there is a suitable product for every consumer requirement, be it milk chocolate, white chocolate, filled with pralines
or with a high cocoa content and in a wide variety of sizes, motifs and shapes. Vegan variants also enrich the wide range of Chocolate Nicholas and Santa Clauses.


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