Ritter Sport releases latest sustainability-focused travel retail chocolate series

German-founded premium confectionery brand Ritter Sport is launching its latest series of travel retail exclusives at this year’s TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes, placing sustainability at the heart of its range, reports Neill Barston.

The family-owned German chocolate brand Ritter Sport, which was founded in 1912 and has been providing bright splashes of colour in the confectionery landscape since the 1970s has been committed to sustainable cocoa farming since the 1990s.

In 2021, it is introducing to its travel retail customers a new, packaging design concept for its Travel Retail Edition.  Besides showcasing the new look and feel of its Travel Retail Edition products, Ritter Sport welcomes travel retail buyers to experience its new colourful stand in the Mediterranean Village (N18) at this year’s TFWA World Exhibition, taking place between 25-28 October in France.

Jan Pasold, Managing Director Global Travel Retail, said: “Ritter Sport stands for much more than just colourful chocolate. The new exhibition stand is the next step in combining the colourful world of Ritter Sport with our focus on sustainability. Sustainability is at the heart of Ritter Sport’s efforts and has been an important part of the brand’s philosophy for 30 years. We want to underline our brand purpose in physical form: doing the right thing to create really good chocolate.”

Ritter Sport’s new range of travel retail exclusives features a number of redesigned and reimagined ‘hero’ products. Besides the new look of its travel products, there was substantial change to the packaging of the pouches – from plastic to paper – which shows the engagement and the willingness of Ritter Sport to be as sustainable as possible.

Latest series

The Ritter Sport Mini Colourful Mix pouch is available with 10 or 30 x 16.67g individual pieces and the Ritter Sport Choco Cubes Colourful Mix including 50 pieces and 6 different flavours – in paper-based pouches.

The paper-based pouches range will also be extended in February 2022 to Ritter Sport Choco Cubes mono pouches including 14 delicious Choco Cubes filled with Whole Hazelnut, Praline Crème or Strawberry Yogurt. In addition, the Mini Colourful Mix Pouch 10 x 16.67g is now available with the top selling flavour, Alpine Milk. Two Ritter Sport Tower Bars, the Colourful Variety and Nut Selection, offer a unique gifting proposition, comprising 10 x 100g and 8 x 100g respective Ritter Sport square bar varieties encased in colourful boxes and feature hero flavours.

The Ritter Sport Colourful Variety tower includes: Raisins Hazelnuts, Dark Chocolate, Marzipan, Strawberry Yoghurt, Alpine Milk Chocolate, Fine Milk Chocolate, Butter Biscuit, Cornflakes, Peppermint and Praline.

The Ritter Sport Nut Selection Tower Bar includes Whole Hazelnuts, Dark Whole Hazelnuts, White Whole Hazelnuts, Whole Almonds and Honey Salt Almonds. Dark Whole Almonds appears as a tempting new flavour, to round out the eight nutty choices. The impactful and colourfully wrapped Tower Bar pack gives chocolate lovers the full spectrum of Ritter Sport cocoa excellence, from the deliciously smooth and milky to the fun flavourful, nutty textured or indulgent intensity of fine and dark.

As a complement, both the Ritter Sport Colourful Variety and Nut Selection Tower Bars are available in Minis as improved 250g (15 x 16.67g) and 200g (12 x 16.67g) multipacks. The Ritter Sport Tower Mini range is a key component of the travel retail exclusives offer.

The Ritter Sport Choco Cubes Colourful Mix Box includes 34 pieces across flavours Praline, Whole Hazelnut in Praline Crème, Choco Crisp and Double Caramel. This colourful box perfectly complements the Ritter Sport Travel Retail Editions range as a small gift of chocolates.

In addition to its focus on NPD for 2022, Ritter Sport is underlining its commitment to communicating its sustainability progress. One key element of the new packaging design is that travellers now have the opportunity to learn about Ritter Sport’s sustainability engagement via a quick scan of their device with the QR code featured on all packs. Core topics are 100% certified sustainable cocoa supply chain (including the new Rainforest Alliance logo), as well certified packaging material FSC.


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