Mettler-Toledo targets confectionery and snacks market with latest metal detection series

The Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection group has released a next-generation series of metal detection systems targeting the SME business sector, including confectionery and snacks companies, writes Neill Barston.

As the company noted, the range’s modular design can be adapted over time in line with evolving compliance and productivity needs, designed to serve manufacturers seeking high performance, flexible systems.

Significantly, it has been developed for its digital capabilities, powered by new smart, SENSETM software. This, combined with advanced algorithms, makes it possible for these entry-level models to deliver high sensitivity to all metal contaminant types with minimal false rejects.

Dynamic Stability Control innovations stabilise the core sensor of the metal detector to help protect against environmental noise and vibration interference for increased reliability. The entry-level M30 R-series GC systems are designed on a modular platform concept with streamlined features as standard. The metal detector and conveyor can be easily upgraded as compliance or production requirements change. This helps manufacturers to achieve a lower overall cost of ownership and extend the useful life of their equipment, supporting sustainability aims.

“Sense really is a game-changer in the metal detection field,” said Mike Bradley, Metal Detection Systems Product Inspection Specialist, Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection. “Just like a human brain, it commands the neural network within these digital inspection systems and integrated GC Series conveyors. It takes control of the entire metal detection system to unprecedented levels, making judgements and decisions, learning all the time, and constantly harmonising and optimising every aspect of the operation.”

The M30 R-Series is the first product family from Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection built around the leading-edge SENSE™ software technology, bringing dramatic new levels of intelligence and sophistication to the mid-market metal detection field. The full-colour touchscreen makes operation simple, with key tasks accessible using the quick access menu. Localisation at individual user level, including a choice of 33 languages as standard, reduces error risk and improves productivity. The new metal detection systems have a rugged, industrial design, and offer three levels of ingress protection from IP65 to IP69K to support long-term, reliable performance in a wide range of manufacturing environments.

The M30 R-Series consists of four metal detector models matched to different production and compliance needs, and budget considerations. These include the M31R StandardLine – for versatile, reliable inspection in all food segments; high frequency, tuned technology with eDrive that delivers up to 10% spherical sensitivity improvement over legacy models.

Furthermore, the M33R PlusLine – enhanced performance with very high frequency tuned technology and eDrive particularly targets the confectionery, snacks and bar market, reportedly delivering up to 20% improvement in spherical sensitivity performance.




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