Cadbury’s Dairy Milk inventor competition returns to find top new chocolate

Fierce competition is expected to be faced between the three potential new flavours vying to be developed as a new variety of Dairy Milk bar as part of Cadbury’s inventor competition, writes Neill Barston.

The company has successfully run its contest previously for two years, with the latest round of the content  attracting a huge reported response of more than 180,000 entries.

This year’s entrants include Josh, a 31-year-old dad from the home of Cadbury, Birmingham, conjuring up a Dairy Milk Banoffee Nut Crumble, Dairy Milk fizzing cherry from Roxy, a 34 year-old civil engineer, and a Dairy Milk No frownie Brownie, courtesy of 19 year-old student Sophie.

Cadbury has made the three bars available as limited editions during the voting period, which runs until September 5, with entries being encouraged via

As we recently reported, the famous brand’s parent company, Mondelez International has made a major £15 million investment in returning Dairy Milk to production at the company’s founding UK site in the Midlands, to much enthusiastic fanfare from British chocolate fans.

Last year, studies found that Dairy Milk emerged as the world’s favourite chocolate bar, emerging as the top product in a total of 78 countries, attracting an average of 466,680 google searches – which will be destined to increase further as the range extends further as consumers continue to engage with writing the next chapter for the brand.

Pippa Rodgers, Cadbury Tablets Brand manager said: “We know the Cadbury Inventor competition is a shopper favourite because it allows for delicious new ingredients and flavours to be explored and tasted, and this year has really set the bar high.

“Together with Josh, Roxy and Sophie, we could not be more excited to share the three flavours with the nation,” she explained, adding that it was time to let the nation be the judge of which bar should gain a permanent space on retails shelves in 2022.


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