Cabosse Naturals and Cacao Barry brands unite as Wholefruit chocolate gains global launch

Barry Callebaut’s specialist cacaofruit brand Cabosse Naturals has teamed up with the company’s gourmet division, Cacao Barry, enabling the global rollout of an expanded range of products linked to the launch of the Wholefruit Chocolate series, writes Neill Barston.

As the business explained, its latest venture, which was initially unveiled in 2019 (main image from San Francisco launch), holds significant potential across a number of categories, including snacks, ice cream and drinks, with its development emerging amid growth in consumer demand for naturally sourced ingredients.

According to Cabosse, WholeFruit chocolate, which makes use of 100% pure cacaofruit, will hit the menus of fine dining restaurants, high-end hotels and top chocolate and bakery shops in the US, Canada, Brazil, the UK, France, Italy and Japan through the artisan and chef network of Cacao Barry. The leading artisan chocolate brand also plans to introduce another expression of WholeFruit chocolate in 2022.

Herwig Bernaert, managing director of Cabosse Naturals, said: “We are proud to see that our innovative supply chain offers us a solid foundation to partner with iconic brands such as Cacao Barry and other food and drink producers across the world to craft and introduce delicious-tasting cacaofruit experiences.”

Over the past two years, the company (which has just won a sustainable ingredient award at the Sustainable Food Awards), has mastered the supply chain to create a high-quality range of 100% pure cacaofruit ingredients. The range unleashes the potential of the cacaofruit by making use of its beans, its nutrient-dense peel and its fresh and fruity pulp and juice. It is the most delicious solution to climate change, since it upcycles 70% of the fruit – one of the most harvested fruits around the globe, which was formerly discarded by farmers as waste.

There have already been some notable breakthroughs for the recently devised product, with Cabosse Naturals has also partnered with CaPao, a Mondelez brand, to offer cacaofruit snacks and Rogelfrut, a high-quality fruit processing brand, with which it introduced a new cacaofruit gelato mix for ice cream parlours in Italy. In addition, the business recently collaborated with Belgian craft beer brand ACAN to introduce the trendy Cacaofruit Sour Ale.

Furthermore, Cabosse Naturals was the first cacaofruit brand to partner with Upcycled Food Association (UFA). In 2020, it led a global campaign in collaboration with UFA to build the upcycled food category. This year, UFA introduced an Upcycled CertifiedTM mark in the US to help consumers identify upcycled products and make an impact with their purchasing decisions. Cabosse Naturals’ partners will be able to enroll a mark on their packaging. Cacao Barry, a Cabosse Naturals partner, aims to be the first chocolate labelled with this mark.

Turner Wyatt, CEO of the Upcycled Food Association: “Products with the Upcycled Certified mark on packaging will empower consumers to prevent food waste every time they enjoy a chocolate. There has never been a more delicious solution to climate change!”


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